"How much does it cost to record a CD?" Good question... Let's use the analogy of an automobile. Do you phone up a car dealership and ask, "How much is a car?” an appliance dealer and ask, "How much is a refrigerator?" There are a myriad of differences between makes and models, features and options, and levels of quality. All of these differences affect the cost. What is it that you are after? The only informed way to answer the "question" is with more questions...

    What are you hoping to achieve with your finished CD? Are you creating a 'demo' as part of your promotion package for playing gigs? Are your fans asking to purchase your CD when you play out? Are you pursuing that elusive 'record deal'? Perhaps you would just like to make a 'posterity disc' to give to friends and family? Or do you consider yourself a serious artist with something significant to say and an eye toward producing your musical masterpiece? Somewhere between these extremes lies the answer. And the answer is... 'As much as you want to spend'. The questions to ask yourself are, "Do I really believe in myself and in my dreams & talents?" and "What am I willing to invest to see those dreams & talents come to fruition?".

    One consideration in determining studio cost is: What will actually be required in the studio to achieve your goals? It stands to reason that the process will move along more quickly with say... an artist accompanying him or her self on piano or guitar, verses a twelve piece band complete with guitars, bass, keyboards, vocalists, drums, percussion, brass and/or string sections... Starting to make sense?

    To take it a step further: With lots of media experience and great gear that includes a fully outfitted DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with high level editing capabilities and award winning plug-ins, some different amps that vary from time to time, a 'house' drum kit for your convenience, a stellar surroundings and many other features too numerous to mention here, Nate Giller Productions can literally take your project as far as you want to take it. You're limited only by the bounds of your imagination and the amount of time and resources you are willing to invest.

    Nate Giller Productions produces the gamut, from demos to full-length album projects. Whatever your budget, we want to work with you to help you achieve your goals and see your dreams become reality. At Nate Giller Productions we have a hard-won reputation for quality and customer service. Our studio rates are based on that reputation, on your specific requirements, and access to our outstanding arsenal of gear and meticulously maintained facilities. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for the services of our in-house engineer. We do offer block booking and lockout rates for larger projects.

    There is no rule that says a high dollar production will be a hit. But there's no escaping tried and true adage that "you get what you pay for". At Nate Giller Productions we’ll do our part to see to it that your project is everything you hoped for. All you need to do is contact us to make an appointment. We'll take the time to sit down with you and discuss your recording project. From there we can zero in on your particular goals and dreams, help you develop a strategy to realize them, and work out a budget for your project.


    Block Booking: Setting aside a specific amount of studio time, spanning several days, weeks, months (or even longer) at a pre-negotiated rate.

    Lockout: Basically commandeering the studio for a specific amount of consecutive days. This means that no other sessions will be booked in the off hours (when you are not in the studio). When you return, everything will be as it was left at the end of your last session. This can maximize productivity by virtually eliminating lost time spent reconfiguring equipment, set-ups, teardowns etc.

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